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Specific Aim

The secondary and specific aim of the Society of the Holy Ghost is to undertake ministry for which the Church has difficulty in finding labourers.

Today we believe that aim is fulfilled by any means which conform to the demands of the Traditional Catholic Apostolate in order to preserve the Faith during this time of post-Vatican II auto-destruction of the Catholic Church.

In order to ensure the sanctification of its members and to prepare them more effectively for the Traditional Catholic Apostolate the Society requires its members to profess the Vows of Religion.

Thus, the Society of the Holy Ghost is a Religious Community of men. We profess the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. We live a common life as brothers in accord with our Rules and Constitutions. We allow members to be ordained to the Priesthood. We are engaged in the active apostolate primarily by serving the pastoral needs of the Lay Faithful who come to the Chapel of our Friary.

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